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Things to do before making an appointment

Before you or your referred person/s come in for our first session, please check to see if you have accomplished the following:

  • Read and downloaded the following forms:
  1. Intake Form
  2. psychotherapy agreement-revised
  3. Consent to Exchange and Release Information

The Intake Form asks for your personal information for demographic/identification purposes. Be sure to fill up everything so once we meet for our first session, everything can move smoothly.

The Psychotherapy Agreement is very important to ensure that you understand what my policies are and how I go about providing services to you as my client. It contains my rules regarding confidentiality, professional record-keeping, fees, and termination procedures among others. Please take some time to read through the five pages. Don’t worry, it’s double-spaced. 🙂

The Consent to Exchange and Release Information (Consent form) is a form that is used only if you have had previous medical/psychiatric/psychological  services that are of relevance to the issue at hand. For example, if you have been diagnosed with depression before, you would need to download this form and fill out  the relevant information before submitting it to the physician or counsellor who diagnosed you previously. You would then need to obtain either your full records from them or a summary/certification containing the following information:

  1. Your diagnosis/conditions/results
  2. When you were diagnosed/when the results were given to you
  3. When the interviews and tests were done
  4. What treatment was provided
  5. When the treatment was provided and for how long
  6. The treating professional’s opinion about your progress/prognosis.

For minors, you could also obtain their records from the guidance counsellor after you submit the filled-out Consent form. Be aware though that different schools have different policies and some private schools will not allow the guidance counsellors to reveal anything related to the students’ test (example, IQ and personality) results and information related to counselling . The guidance counsellor keeps IQ and personality test results of each student as well as anecdotal records on each student’s behaviors and counselling sessions. I will need to see those records or a summary thereof. Do not ask information from the minor’s teachers as teachers are not trained in psychological observation and may provide biased information.

You do not need to download and fill up the Consent form if you have never been to a professional (psychiatrist, physician, psychologist, guidance counsellor, private practice psychotherapist) for mental health services before. However, if you have had physical conditions that may impact your psychological state, I would need certification or a summary of your condition from your treating physician. Examples are if you have had hypothyroidism or if you have ever taken medications which your doctor told you could cause mood swings. Going to a priest or nun for “spiritual counselling” or pastoral counselling is not considered a professional service.

  • Do not forget to print out the above three forms all filled in and signed by you or the person whom you are referring to me, as the case may be. Bring these forms to the first meeting. This will facilitate a smoother first session.
  • Text-message me for an appointment after you perform the above. Do not go to my clinic without receiving a confirmation of the scheduled appointment.
  • Make sure to be on time and should there be any changes, please do inform me at least 24 hours ahead of time.

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